Series Races

2023 -12 great races to enter

We hope to build on the brilliant success of 2022, with 12 series races in the 2023 Series. This year we are working with race organisers to make sure that entries can take 100 or more runners and a few races have moved around to keep the series fresh. We hope you enjoy the great courses, camaraderie and friendliness of our Dartmoor Fell Series. Remember we are trying to provide safe, fun and low cost events. If you can arrive early enough, to watch the juniors and cheer them on – they are the future of the sport and we have some class runners.

The events are fell runs, so on some events you will have to think about navigation (although most courses are very clear) and you will have to think about personal kit (in poor weather organisers are quite in the right to mandate safety kit is taken – it’s for your safety. Please see kit & safety section. Footwear can also be key – I have seen many people chance a race in road shoes to find they are sliding down grass and mud. Good ‘lugged’ shoes, of which there are lots of brands, are worthwhile investing in.

Most race finish lines are near a stream where you can cool off or wash off the mud – it seems to be the recognised way (…tough these fell runner folk) and most races have a source of refreshment.

Any race part of Dartmoor Fell Series is the responsibility of each race organiser. The series is trying to support a league to generate interest, as well as junior events to build the sport.

Series scoring in 2023 is the best 9 events out of 12. So seniors first male/ female 100 pts, second 99 etc. The same scoring for veteran age groups which start from age of 40 in 10yr blocks. Note that veteran age groups on the first event date are then set for the whole series (to avoid swapping age groups). Junior age groups score 10 pts for first, 9 for second etc in age categories. There is a series team prize for the best scoring 4 male and 4 female runners.

The overall series prizes will be awarded after the last race of the series.

Series helpers – we always want willing helpers to register, marshal, support timekeeping , be first aiders – if you can help please let the race organiser know. It’s great fun and enjoyable, but remember to dress for the hills.

Kit list – do check out our kit and safety page, however the kit list per race is at the discretion of the organiser.

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